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Hi guys! this last weekend, i've been to a small convention, Ressaca Friends, here in São Paulo, it was the 2nd  part of the cosplay grand prix i'm competing and i went with my Vladimir - League of Legends costume! 
The cosplay grand prix is a quite exciting competition in which the cosplayers must perform, in 5 stages, held in 5 diferent conventions (Anime Fantasy- sept, Ressaca Friends- dec, Anime Dreams- jan, Anime Party- mar, Anime Friends- jul), i'm currently winning this competition! YEY! as i've scored 1st place in Anime Fantasy with AntiChrist from Shin Bionic Soldier!

Now for this stage, i did it again! 1st Place at Craftsmanship, 1st Place at Performance, 1st Place at Masquerade, 1st Place at the Ressaca Stage for the Grand Prix and 1st Place at the Grand Prix itself so far! hahaha feels so nice!
If you're interested, here goes my awarded performances for Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper - League of Legends:
(hope you can see the transformation of water into blood in the end)

Masquerade Skit:
(RIP dignity)
Aside that it was also a qualifier for the Yamato Cospllay Cup 2014 - Brazilian premilimary round, which'll take place in july at Anime Friends 2014! the biggest anime/manga/game convention of the whole Latin America =DD

It's my second time at the competition, as i took part of it back in 2009, and i did a performance based on Final Fantasy X, with my Seymour Guado cosplay! I still don't know what to do, and c'mon there's still half a year to go!

I'm so excited i love to be on stage!
hope you guys enjoy it!
cheers <3

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December 23, 2013


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